GoTrusted VPN Review


In the internet privacy and security market, GoTrusted VPN has already managed to distinguish itself from other VPN providers with advertising playing on television. While willingness and ability to purchase expensive advertising is not necessarily a guarantee of product quality, fortunately in this case the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

Some quibbles keep it from perfection. The focus on simplicity and making things easy to use also means that GoTrusted VPN sacrifices more advanced options that some users might expect standard. It also only runs on the more popular platforms, eliminating it as an option for many who might otherwise find it useful.

That said, it’s incredibly simple to use and provides precisely what the advertising promises in functionality: security and privacy in, essentially, “just a click.”


Packages and Prices

The GoTrusted website lists Home, Small Business, and Enterprise packages, but provides pricing info upfront only for the Home option, which is $5.99 monthly. With service features such as “unblock Facebook” and “view TV and movies from your home country,” this appears to be their target consumer.


A free 7-day trial is available, but does ask for credit card information during the process, meaning you have to manually cancel before the trial period ends to avoid automatically being charged for your first month, should you decide against using the service. Just something to keep in mind.

Customer Assistance

As is normal for VPN service providers, there is no phone helpline, with the main customer support option being real-time online chat, available during US business hours. Otherwise support is available by email, with 24 hours being the guaranteed maximum response time.


Protection Performance

GoTrusted uses three different VPN protocols and up to 256-bit encryption, automatically picking either PPTP, L2TP, or Open VPN and the strongest encryption level available depending on where the connection is located. While not quite the suite of options more advanced users may desire, this is more than enough for typical users. Though not unusual among service providers, it’s disappointing that this information is not made available more readily for those who would find it useful in making a decision.

Website Performance


The GoTrusted website is laid out logically, with no important information buried under inscrutable headings. Everything is straightforward and up front, always appreciated but doubly so for a company advertising the ease of use of their software. No complaints.

The Sign Up Process

Signing up for the trial couldn’t have been simpler. Entering PayPal information resulted in an initial welcome email being sent without delay, and bringing up the page to download the software itself. After downloading and installing the Windows client, all that was left was to enter the username and password info created at sign up, click “Go Secure,” and setup was finished. Easy!


Platform Availability

As mentioned previously, GoTrusted VPN’s current platforms supported is limited in number, though vast in number of users. Windows and Mac are supported on the PC side, as are mobile devices running iOS or Android. Linux support especially would be nice to see in the future, considering the inroads the platform has made towards ease of use and expanding its userbase.



First, the software’s good qualities:

  • Focus on ease of setup and use for the end user
  • Great performance with no tinkering necessary
  • Great technical support
  • Clear, easily navigable website

The drawbacks:

  • No tinkering possible – lack of options
  • No technical details provided
  • Limited number of countries supported
  • Annoying manual cancellation to avoid charges after free trial

To summarize, “ease of use” is the software’s central philosophy, and where most of its strengths and weaknesses lie. For power users who demand the ability to finesse every last setting to their particular desires this may keep it from being the best available option. For everyone else who just wants internet security and privacy that works without any headaches, GoTrusted VPN is an excellent choice.