HotspotShieldElite VPN Review


Hotspot Shield VPN is the sort of supplier fit to administration a wide client base. An offering from Anchorfree, it gives clients the capability to download programming on the go. No settings to be tweaked or subtle elements to be arranged — Hotspot Shield VPN does it for you.


Like any VPN supplier, Hotspot Shield VPN has a decent amount of disadvantages. Because of its effortlessness, clients searching for a more praiseworthy VPN are sure to be disillusioned. It most likely is not the sort of site that might be of any enthusiasm to the all the more in fact minded client.

Hotspot Shield VPN is the sort of supplier we propose to a customer scan for an easy to understand VPN. With its essential set-up organization, there’s no compelling reason to stretch about what your VPN is doing.

Usership & Costs

On the off chance that you are new to Vpns, Hotspot Shield is an impeccable starter site for the amateur client. As for the benefit of just VPN suppliers out there to offer a free form of membership, its ideal for any individual who is interested to get a feel for its fundamental practicality or to simply take in and hone with VPN essentials.

On the off chance that you have officially chosen to put resources into a full enrollment with Hotspot Shield, the site offers Elite adaptations with two installment models. One may subscribe on a yearly support for $29.95; one may additionally pay for a bi-week after week membership for $2.49. Accessible installment choices incorporate significant Mastercards, Paypal, and Mopay (bi-week by week arrange just). In the event that you are sure about subscribing, know precisely to what extent you want to utilize it before hand — a year’s worth of bi-week by week memberships is more than $50 over the yearly expense.

In the event that you do pick the Elite administration with Hotspot Shield, the organization offers a 7-day danger free trial with the membership, and the best part is that no installment data is obliged to exploit the trial. Additionally, the Elite variant is singularly for workstation use — on the off chance that you need to log in through your cell phones, there are particular charges.

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Specialized Support

Anchorfree’s essential client help is accessible for contact through both email and Web discussion channels. Lamentably, the framework did inadequately reacting to issues reported; the first test email was reacted to in fast request, however the second test email was not reacted to whatsoever.

In the event that you are an Elite part, Hotspot Shield likewise makes online talk accessible for client help. This channel was additionally tried, however in the wake of attempting to log in it was accounted for that no operators were accessible for discourse.

Since the site is intended for novice VPN clients, these issues absolutely raise a ton of stress. For the individuals who depend on client help regularly and may, for example, need support introducing or even basically utilizing your VPN, evading Hotspot Shield and hunting down a supplier with dependable help might be the best strategy. In the event that, then again, you are by and large confident and resourceful, than evaluating Hotspot Shield ought not be any bother.

Safety & Security

Despite the fact that giving potential clients the open door to know precisely what sort of client protection and security they will have with a supplier, Hotspot shield left a considerable measure being referred to. The site is not in any manner approaching with the encryption it is fit for; when help was asked for on the subject, it was reacted that customers use Open VPN convention (this data was unable to be affirmed).

As Anchorfree gives a rare measure of illumination best case scenario in regards to security and security, this site is not suggested for utilization by those hunting down sheltered usership.



The Website

Anchorfree is an outwardly streamlined site that is not difficult to explore and work. Throughout testing, there was no trouble in placing the VPN customer or introducing programming. Its greatest traps is the absence of data given by the organization.



Throughout the test run for this audit, we started with the 7-day danger free trial for the Elite rendition. The main individual data asked for was an email location and a secret word. When we joined, we were effectively equipped to download the clear programming and subsequently the project started working quickly.

The interface is generally straightforward. Changing server areas was uncomplicated and could be carried out so unrestricted. On the off chance that a particular server area was not picked, the framework defaults to servers spotted in the United States.

Underpinned Platforms

Hotspot Shield VPN can secure machines and in addition ioss and Android gadgets. Separate expenses request workstations and cell phones.


General Analysis

Hotspot Shield has bunches of incredible things to offer its clients, including:

  • Ease of use
  • 7-day hazard free trial with Elite memberships
  • Free essential adaptation accessible
  • Ease
  • Solid execution

Its cons incorporate:

  • Free form is underpinned by publicizing interruption
  • Poor client technical support
  • Establishment challenges for ios clients

Hotspot Shield VPN is the ideal decision for clients searching for essential VPN capacities at a moderate cost. For the sharp or propelled VPN client, proceeding your quest for a supplier that offers more proficient practicality and secure operations might be very proposed and empowered.

Anything that is free is an incredible thing, and Hotspot Shield’s free VPN membership has simplicity and accessibility if that we are establishing needing of data and security. Accepting affirmation that our action is secured is the principal explanation behind utilizing a VPN, so when there is such powerless security as Hotspot’s, its difficult to advertise its utilization in great heart. The site does what it says it is going to do, with the exception of that it won’t let you know how it does it. In this way, to subscribe or not to subscribe? The last decision is yours.

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