VPN.s Secure Review


Our initial impression of VPN.S is good, they tick most of the boxes that are needed when finding a good VPN service. The web design has a good lay out and they make all price listings clear. They appear to have a decent number of servers in several countries. For people on a budget, they even offer a free service.

One thing that stood out as not so great was the ‘no logs policy’, they are also very strict about copyright infringement which seems to contradict the fact that they do not keep logs. We wondered how they enforce copyright laws if they do not track user activity.

PRICE PLANS- VPN.S offer a broad range of plans with different features.


Smarter DNS- $.4.95 a month

HTTP Proxy – $3.95 a month

PPTP/L2TP – $7.95 a month

SSH Socks5 – $9.95 a month

OpenVPN – $9.95 a month

OpenVPN and PPTP – $13.95 a month


VPN.S is one of the first service providers we have come across that demands clients to pay by specified protocol. Many of us prefer simple packages, it generally tends to be tech savvy users that are capable of understanding a price system like this one. So in our eyes, they have over-complicated things a little.



The actual website is easy on the eyes and one can navigate the pages simply. Their FAQ contains some solid user information but the technical details are harder to find. Customers should know the kind of encryption technologies used and the difference between OpenVPN and Socks5.


VPN.S have a good rapport with clients and they seem friendly. The company give live web chat support and an e-mail ticketing system. Neither keep you waiting too long nor do both of them give knowledgeable answers that are clear to understand.


VPN.S state that all connection logs are deleted within every 24 hours and that no  logs are stored. The small print tells us different; the terms of site page informs us that the company is still allowed to keep any logs that the law requires them to. We presume this is to defend other customers and cover their own backs.

If you are seeking full privacy during your web browsing, a better choice would be OpenVPN. They practise the highest levels of encryption available with 2048-bit. The free service uses the OpenVPN just like the paid versions.


When signing up to use their service, all we had to do was choose our username, a password and give an email address. After that we were asked which service we wanted, we opted for the free service.

On screen instructions are provided on how to install the server to Windows. The process was easy and was not spammy, much to our relief. Please note that the free service has a data limit of 600MB per month.

After installing, we easily connected to the web with the provided VPN. Then we signed up to the OpenVPN plan which had an increased number of servers with really high connection speeds.

We tried our luck with The Pirate Bay but were unable to use the website; leading to the conclusion that VPN.S does not allow file sharing websites. This defeats the objective of why many people choose to use a VPN service.



This all depends on which package you use. Generally Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android are supported; but not on each package. We noticed that the free package can only use Windows and Socks5.


What we like-

  • The free VPN performs well
  • 2048 bit OpenVPN encryption rate
  • $2 for a 2 day trial
  • Multiple servers in different countries

 What We Don’t Like-

  • The live chat is not 24 hours
  • Full services come at high price
  • Lacking explanations of technology used
  • No guarantee of log keeping

After carefully reviewing all of the above information, we are not in a position to recommend VPN.S to users. With all of the contradictory statements made by the company about keeping logs, plus the blocking of file sharing websites it is hard to feel confident about this VPN Company. The high speeds are great but this does not make up for the major lacking points.

They are still a good contender overall, but definitely one of the first to consider when looking for a reliable VPN server to give you private internet browsing.