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Wasel Pro VPN ranks no fewer than four out of five stars on all features based on user ratings. Its reliability and value factors rank a solid 4 stars, with speed and compatibility ranking 4 ½ stars. This is exceptional, considering the company only launched in 2012.


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About the Company

While VPN services are not new, Wasel Pro VPN is a relative newcomer in the market. Headquartered in the Netherlands, iElement BV created this VPN in 2012 to stand alone in protecting your online privacy. This VPN client has been tested thoroughly and can be solidly recommended as one of the top global solutions for private networking.


Subscription Costs

There are no hidden costs to use Wasel Pro VPN and you will not be charged automatically for renewal. Pricing is straightforward and you control the length of your subscription, which can be done at 30 or 90 days, 6 months or one year. Subscription prices are affordably set at $9.99 per month if paid every 30 days, $27.00 for 90 days, $50.00 if paid every 6 months, or $90.00 if done yearly. The longer your subscription, the more you save. A yearly payment saves you $2.49 per month over the monthly option

Payment options for the service subscription include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Western Union, PayPal, Google Play and more, so your purchase is always protected through your card issuer or payment service. Note: all prices listed are in US Dollars.


No matter how you long you want to commit to the service, you can pay for your subscription in a variety of ways: Google Play, PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, Western Union, major credit card and more.

Support is Always Available

While Wasel Pro VPN has a customer base primarily in the Middle East, the services as well as the support are available worldwide. Customer Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in both Arabic and in English. Help can be accessed via live web chat and by e-mail. The website’s Frequently Asked Questions sections is quite thorough and should be enough to answer most of your questions. Tutorials are also provided at the website, making this VPN’s customer support outstanding.


Safe, Secure, Private!

Because it is a little outdated, PPTP encryption is not offered through this service. It does however feature both OpenVPN and L2TP encryption methods which are among the most current and considered the safest. One of the most important things to note here on the topic of privacy is the company does not keep any logs of its customers’ activity so there is no possibly way for you or your activity to be tracked through this client.

Website and Sign-Up

True to its high customer service ratings, an invitation to chat live with Customer Support greets you as soon as you arrive at the website. The site itself is laid out logically and very user-friendly, with all vital information easily accessible through various links. The site and services can be accessed via computer or mobile devices and currently supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Sign-up with the Wasel Pro VPN is also straightforward and simple. Many VPNs unfortunately do ask for a small amount of personal information at sign-up and this one is no exception however, the company still guarantees any information entered will not be shared and there were no instances found of this promise being broken.

Once you’re signed up, you can begin to use the service with a simple one-click connection to one of the VPN servers and you will instantly be accessing the Internet completely secure and anonymously. Currently, customers are able to utilize servers in the UK, US, Germany, France and Sweden with new servers being added on a regular basis.


Loaded With Features

Along with the tiered pricing plan, Wasel Pro VPN provides tiered features, tailored to your plan. Here is a breakdown of what you receive:

30-Day Plan ($9.99) – 1 month of VPN access to all services including torrents, P2P sharing and VOIP, no limits on bandwidth or transfers, encrypted access, open and L2tp (using 2 devices at the same time), simple one-click connection, multi-server access with no login.

60-Day Plan ($27.00) – All services as with the 30-day plan, plus receive a 10% discount on your subscription.

6-Month Plan ($50.00) – All the services you get with the 30- and 60-day plans however you receive a 15% discount on your subscription.

12-Month Plan ($90.00) – In addition to receiving all the services listed above, the One-Year Plan gives you the best possible discount on services – 25% off! This plan also features zero limits on usage. Please note that the Western Union payment option is available for this subscription term only.

If you’re interested in trying before you buy, Wasel Pro VPN does offer a free trial, but you will only be able to connect 10 minutes per day during the trial. For most people, this may not be enough time to decide if the service will be one to meet all your needs, or enough time to truly get a feel for all the functions.

Highly Recommended

In conclusion, the Wasel Pro VPN comes highly recommended as one of the top VPN choices worldwide. With a free trial and 7-Day Money Back Guarantee, this growing company stands behind its services.

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